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Hi and welcome to the Kidz Reviews Page.

Title: Albert Magpie and Timothy Rabbit in Clarry's Lost Pony Tail.
Author: Shirley Todd
READ the book review at LeafSalon
READ an excerpt from the book.

Clarry looked funny without his tail, and Albert Magpie looked cool. The story was good.

Brandon, age 9.

Thank you very much for the copy of your book. I love it and so does my little sister . . . I love writing stories and one day I will send you one of mine. It is called The Underground Lab and it is all about a witch. The cool thing about it is that it includes me in it. I better go now and plus my fingers are getting sore. I love your story and hope you become famous so I will have your book and it will be signed. Have a good day!

Laura, age 11. Sophie, age 8.

My son-in-law read it to the boys. When the 3-year-old Dylan was done, he came to us and held up the book and on the map part he started pointing and saying, "we were here and here and here and we were here," making sure we knew all the houses he visited. He really enjoyed it. You did a fine job of it. The paper is nice too, it will wipe off if it gets dirty.

Cheryl, grandmother. Dylan, age 3.

Hello thank you very much for the book I love the story I have already started reading it, it came in the letter box today it's a awesome book.

From Caitlin.

Hi. Thank you from myself and my son Tim, his book arrived today and what a lovely story and the illustrations are really well done. Tim will really enjoy reading this. Thank you once again.


Did you enjoy my book?  Write and let me know!  Kids please ask your parents first!!!

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