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Book cover. Click here to read story excerptAlbert Magpie and Timothy Rabbit
Clarry's Lost Pony Tail

Author:  Shirley Todd

ISBN: 0-476-00998-07
Copyright 2004
Click Here to read an excerpt from the book.
For ages : 5-9. A story that is sure to delight !
RRP: $11.00 USD
, $15.95 NZD
Ten percent discount for schools and libraries.
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About the Book

This is a well-written and beautifully illustrated book. The background scenery is based on New Zealand's flora and fauna. The story revolves around Albert Magpie, Timothy Rabbit and Clarry Pony. Albert and Timothy help their friend Clarry search for his lost tail and in doing so meet up with some of the other interesting characters who live in the valley. The inside cover has a map of the valley so that children can follow along with the search and feel a part of the story. This is a must have book that is sure to delight both young and old.  Click here to read excerpt.

The book consists of 24 pages, with a soft cover that has been laminated on both sides for extra durability. It has been edited by a well-known New Zealand author, editor and  manuscript assessor, Graeme Lay, and has his endorsement on the back outside cover. It has also been professionally proofread. Click here to read a book review, written by children at Laingholm Primary School, at LeafSalon's Web site.

Would you like to see this book in your local library? Make a suggestion of purchase to your library, listing the book's title and Web address. We support libraries and schools by offering them a ten percent discount off the recommended retail price.

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