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Title: Albert Magpie and Timothy Rabbit in Clarry's Lost Pony Tail.
Author: Shirley Todd

Albert Magpie and Timothy Rabbit in Clarry's Lost Pony Tail
is a really nice piece of book production — amazing computer graphics.

Barbara Murison

I came across your book for sale on a website, and while I'm not wanting to buy the book, I was interested to see the artwork in the book, it says on your bio you do the art yourself, I'm very impressed. You certainly have a great talent, do you draw the images and scan them, or use a graphic programme to create them.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi, and comment on your art.

Lynn. Canz Design.

Hi Lynn. Thanks for your feedback! I draw all my images combining two graphics programs to get the desired effects. Each individual image can take hours or days to create and get just right.

Shirley Todd

My son-in-law read it to the boys. When the 3-year-old Dylan was done, he came to us and held up the book and on the map part he started pointing and saying, "we were here and here and here and we were here," making sure we knew all the houses he visited. He really enjoyed it. You did a fine job of it. The paper is nice too, it will wipe off if it gets dirty.

Cheryl. Grandmother.

Hi. Thank you from myself and my son Tim, his book arrived today and what a lovely story and the illustrations are really well done. Tim will really enjoy reading this. Thank you once again.


Click here to read a story excerpt. Click here to read a review. Also, check out my Kidz Reviews page.


Web site - Publishing Article Comments

. . . Thanks again, your site was a breath of fresh air and so helpful in much the way that Dan Poynter's is with the NZ focus. I like the way you encourage folk to press on and not let any rebuffs deter them; and do not assume that the viewer necessarily has a high level of technical know how.


Thank you Pam for your feedback. When I started out on my venture to publish my book I found there wasn't a lot of free information for NZ Authors. I decided to write the information on my site and share it with other authors that are new to publishing so that hopefully they will avoid some of the mistakes I have made. New information will be continually added to my site.

Shirley Todd

Just writing to say thanks for the time you must have put into collecting and compiling the list of websites and information on self-publishing. I am currently writing and one of my real concerns was 'what if it's rejected' even though I think it is publishable. However having read your site I can have confidence and may even consider self-publishing anyway.

Thanks again

Your website is fantastic! It's great that you have shared your knowledge about self-publishing which I'm sure is an incredibly daunting task for first timers.

Kind regards

Your info on your website is fantastic! I wish I had known about your website earlier on, as certainly it would have eliminated a lot of the frustrations I had experienced when investigating the whole debacle on self-publishing.

Bettina. EthnicWord

I am very pleased that you have shared so much information on your website.  It certainly makes the job (self-publishing) look less daunting!!

Kind regards


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