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Albert Magpie and Timothy Rabbit
Clarry's Lost Pony Tail


Shirley Todd


Page 2

The breeze whispered through the trees, gently rustling the leaves on its journey through the valley. The sun rose, its outstretched rays, like arms, were softly caressing the droplets of water which had formed overnight on the plants and blades of grass, polishing them until they shone like crystal. Crystal Dew Valley, like a sleeping giant, slowly awakened from its slumber to greet the new day.

Page 3

Albert Magpie walked happily along the valley path. He was on his way to spend the day with his friends.

Page 5

Albert Magpie first met up with his best friend, Timothy Rabbit. They talked and sang as they made their way through the forest, following the path until they came close to the stream where Clarry Pony lived. As they approached, they were puzzled to see Clarry Pony hiding behind a tree.

Clarry’s head poked out from one side of the tree and his bottom poked out from the other side.

Page 6

“What are you doing?” Albert Magpie asked, looking slightly amused. “Are you hiding from us?”
"Nayyyy, nayyyy, I’ve lost me tail! This will never do, a pony with nayyy tail,” whined Clarry Pony as his eyes frantically searched the forest floor, willing his tail to appear.
“Where did you last see your tail?” Timothy Rabbit asked, feeling very sorry for his friend’s plight.
“I washed it and left it ta dry on-ayy bush by tha’ stream, and when I returned, nayyyy, nayyyyyy, me tail wasn’t ta be found. Oh meeeee, oh myyyyyy!” Clarry Pony whined some more.
“Don’t worry Clarry,” Albert Magpie said soothingly. “We’ll help you find your tail.”

Albert Magpie thought for a moment . . . an idea came into his head. “Clarry, how about if . . . we split up, and you go and look along the banks of the stream, while me and Timothy go back along the valley path and look for your tail there?” Clarry and Timothy agreed that this was a good idea, so off they went.

Clarry Pony felt relieved to be searching for his tail along the banks of the stream. He could hide in the bushes if he saw someone approaching. Nayyyy, nayyyyyy, without his tail he did not want to be seen.

Albert Magpie and Timothy Rabbit followed the path until they came upon Handyman Jack and Mr Jim working on Mrs Spree’s gate at the entrance to her property.

Does Clarry find his tail? Has someone taken his tail? Purchase the book to read the amusing conclusion to this delightful story!!!