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, 2011

Welcome to the Younglings Books Web Site

I hope you enjoy your visit. To the left are Web pages for you to peruse. Just click on the page title and you'll be taken straight to the page. On the Olderluns page and where there is a lot of reading to be done, I have used softer background colours so as to be kind to your eyes but still keep the page interesting for when children visit. I wanted the Web site to have a rainbow of colours for children, so don't be surprised if the brightness of some of the background colours on the different pages has you reaching for your sunglasses.

There are Kids Pages which have free activities for the younglings to print out and enjoy. They will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the .pdf files. Click on Adobe and it will take you to the Adobe Web site where you will be able to obtain a free Acrobat Reader download. There are also four games the children can play online. You may find the face memory game quite enjoyable to play — as do I. The Kidz Reviews page has comments sent in by children who have read the book. The Comments page has comments about the Web site and/or the publishing article that have been sent in by olderluns. The Publishing Article page has lots of free information on publishing and/or self-publishing a manuscript. Publishing Links is a useful resource page and is a good starting point for those of you who are thinking about and/or venturing into self-publishing. The Printing Article page has valuable free information on printing.

Looking for that special something? Have a look at my Clothes and Stuff page.

Younglings Books was formed by the self-published author and illustrator, Shirley Todd. Younglings is what the human and animal children of the valley are referred to in Shirley's book, hence the name Younglings Books. Youngerluns is usually what the parents of the valley say to a young one when they have been up to a spot of mischief. And, of course, not to leave out the young ones, they use the term 'olderluns' when referring to the grown-ups—anyone over the age of 20. These terms will be used more as the stories in the Albert Magpie series develop.

Shirley Todd is busy writing and illustrating further books in the Albert Magpie series which she will publish in due course. She has also written a short rhythm and rhyme story about a mischievous little girl who finds a whole lot of trouble, but in the end, learns valuable lessons. This will be published shortly.

So enjoy exploring the Web site and I hope you will find the information helpful. Contact details are listed at the bottom of each page.

Note: All the materials contained on this site, and the site design, are copyright protected. That is, you cannot store, copy, or download its contents for selling, or otherwise, without the written prior permission from the author and/or Younglings Books Ltd. Copyright laws apply.

The .pdf files on the activities pages are for the sole purpose of children's enjoyment and are not to be used for commercial purposes, e.g. copied onto T-shirts or any other object for financial gain or otherwise. Copyright laws apply.


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