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Links for Self-Publishing

Hosting NZ (who hosts this site) offer cheap hosting plans and also do Web design -

Web4U offer a very affordable way to gain a basic Web presence -

ProofreadNZ offer helpful services at competitive pricing -

Barbara Murison Assessment Services. Children's books, picture books, and young adult. Also produces Around the Bookshops and Too Good to Miss -

Mechazoic Era for book illustrating, book cover design, Web design  -

Mike Drinkwater for book illustrating, book cover design, gag cartoons -

LOUDMOUTH PRODUCTIONS. Full illustration services -

FBI Illustrators. They have a selection of illustrators to choose from -

PowerHouse Publishing. They offer manuscript assessment, editing, proofreading, graphic design and production. E-mail:

ezyPrint Solutions. Offer digital offset printing. Digital HP Indigo press uses liquid ink and is comparable to offset printing, it is also great for printing short-runs. Competitive pricing -

Anchor Press. Offset and digital printing, Nelson. Digital HP Indigo press uses liquid ink and is comparable to offset printing. Design service also available -

The Copy Press. Digital book printing company in Nelson, New Zealand, specializing in print-on-demand, short-run print and self-publishing. Online quote form available -

First Edition Ltd. Digital book printing, Wellington -

Limited Edition Books. Digital book printing -

INKSPOT PRINT. Digital and offset book printing, Auckland. Phone: 09 270 0234 or E-mail:

Soar Printing Co. Ltd. Offset and digital book printing. Digital press uses liquid ink and is comparable to conventional printing -

K&M Print  Digital and offset printing, full book production.  Check out their Glossary page for printing terms -

Taieri Print. Typesetting and design, prepress, printing services -

Brebner Print. Offset printing, publications, magazines -

Deed Printing. Book production and printing services -

Willson Scott Publishing Ltd for offset printing, full book production -

BookNZ. Book design, typesetting and production -

To obtain an ISBN number you can either, phone the National Library of NZ on 04 474 3074, or apply online.

National Library online ISBN application form -

To receive a barcode number ring EAN NZ on 04 801 0833

Obtaining an ISBN and barcode number for your book, is free to this point.

Two Auckland companies that make up barcodes - approximate cost $30.

Barcode Technologies Ltd phone: 09 448 1577

Walker Datavision Ltd phone: 09 522 3678

These two companies can provide your barcode via e-mail - state whether for digital or offset printing.

Books in Homes. Helping to put books into the homes of NZ children -


Note: The above book production and/or printing companies are listed as a starting point ONLY — to help you find a company that will best suit you and your budget, and what you want the finished product of your book to be. Younglings Books Ltd assumes no responsibility or liabilities for any material, communications, and services provided by the above-listed companies or by any links contained on this Web site.

It is strongly advised that you ask to see samples of what a company produces and/or prints — or of the services they offer — before making a final decision. I wish you all the best and I hope the information contained on this Web site helps you.

Please e-mail me if you find a company, which isn't listed above, that provides excellent services with reasonable prices so that I can add them, as a link, to help give other authors more choices.

Shirley Todd


Links Of Interest

Books in Homes. Helping to put books into the homes of NZ children -

Visit Younglings Books online clothes and gift store at -

Make your Own stuff at by putting your design or photo onto selected items -

Traveling around New Zealand and need a hotel to stay in, check out -

LeafSalon. Book news, reviews and literary events from New Zealand -

The Story Resource. Story telling props, lesson plans, literature units -

Author Laraine Anne Barker's Web site is full of information -

AuthorsDen. Is a site where authors can join and sell their books -

Online For Books. Self-published authors -

Privately Published Books. Advertise your book -

Self-Publishing. Life tips - An excellent resource for Web promotion - - NZ Search Engine and Web Site Directory. Add your NZ site -

NZPAGES - NZ Web Site Directory. Add your NZ site -

New Zealand Small Business Directory. Add your NZ site -

SEARCHNZ - NZ Web Directory. Add your NZ site -

Checks your robots.txt page to see if it is correct -

TIP: Those in the know suggest getting your new Web site listed on established Web site directories which get read by the search engines on a regular basis. This will help get your new Web site out on the search engines faster.

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